Triathlon is a fantastic and exciting sport involving consecutive race over different distances in three disciplines of cycling, swimming and running. A standard Triathlon consists of swimming, followed by biking and running. The sport today is gaining much popularity. The game initiation was done in Nineteen seventy-four. It was initiated by a friends group who started training together. The group of friends had Runners, swimmers and cyclists.
The sport is highly favorite today because of the challenge it offers for a person who loves it and the fitness the competition can provide. The race lasts for one hour, and it can go up to eight-ten hours. The Sport is different than regular marathon, It is challenging and lets you lose a lot of weight and will never let you get bored.
Beginning the Triathlon can be very daunting. But once you have started, you would never get over with it.
Triathlon always begins with swimming; The beginners swimming is carried on in the pool. The distance of Olympic races are more extended and would involve an Open water swim. That takes place in sea, lake or river.
The bike comes. Most of time is taken by this discipline. Many beginners ride the mountain bikes that has not been used much and was lying in the garage.
The final run is in triathlon people feel their legs like hard cement while they finish biking and get down to run. The right training is what that can make the triathlon easier.
The transition is known fourth disciplines of triathlon. The change time taken from one to the next is the transition. You can set up the biking and running kits and run to your bike after a good swim. After the bike race, you have to park it and put on the shoes and start running. The time of the transitions is included the total race.
The athletes of Triathlon has 2 categories, the Elite who are professionals and the Age group for non-professionals. The Triathlon as well as Duathlon championships shares all the triathletes a participation chance. A lot of money is not required to get into triathlon. Requirements of gear, wetsuits, running shoes, the bike are all that is needed to get into the sports.
The health benefits of the triathlon are plenty. A combo of cycling, swimming and running helps in lowering the blood pressure, It prevents cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, cancer. It even lowers the osteoporosis or depression. Triathletes have larger hearts, and the heart rate is 17% below the average heart rate which means a longer life is assured.

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