Sepak Takraw Ask was started by us to give access to the much-beloved sports of Southeast Asia a global platform. We wanted the game that is called sipa in Filipino, a place where all its lovers could come together and gain knowledge. The aim of the website is to give amateurs and professionals a platform where they can learn all about the game that is known to the rest of the world, the kick volleyball.
Besides talking about the sports that make use of a rattan ball also allows players to touch the ball through knees, chest, feet or head, the site also gives a rundown about the history of it. Developed by the Malacca Sultanate, the sport has been around since the 15th century. Today, the sepak takraw is governed by an international federation.
With the objective of making players better, beginners or experts, the site also provides training information and all the rules and regulations related to the game. Like all sports that need warm-up exercises, we focus on workouts that increase the flexibility, agility, and strength of the players. From ensuring the team members have properly warmed up muscles before a game starts to every player having fun during the tournament, we work on every aspect of the sport. Sepak Takraw Ask and every person who works behind the site hope you enjoy love and adore the vigorous game as much as we do.