The popularity of Sepak Takraw (known as Kick Volleyball in many countries) has been on the rise. Despite its origin in the fifteenth century, global fame continued to elude this intense sport until the twentieth century. Even now, Sepak Takraw is not as famous as other sports of similar nature. Volleyball, Badminton and Table Tennis are played in similar situations, but their fan base is substantially greater. However, slowly but steadily, Sepak Takraw has made a mark in the last 30-40 years.

This website is a humble attempt to bring fans, players, and coaches of Sepak Takraw on the same platform. We guide young players about the best ways to increase the flexibility of their body. If you watch a game of Sepak Takraw, you will be able to comprehend the rigors of this sport easily. The thrill of players kicking the ball at the height of above six feet is marvelous.

We believe that health and fitness enthusiasts can gain a lot if they take up Sepak Takraw as a hobby. Players are not allowed to touch the ball with their hand. They must transport it to the other side of the net with the help of their legs, feet, chest, and head. So, if you want to improve at this sport, you will have to spend a lot of time training for it. Your body must become reliable and flexible.

Although the height of the Sepak Takraw net is less than a Volleyball net, the no-hands rule makes it a high pace sport. As per international regulations, three players play on both the teams. They must transport the ball in less than four touches from all the players combined. These regulations add a lot of interest to this game. And we deal in all things that make Sepak Takraw exciting.