Expert Tips for Sepak Takraw Photography

Man in foreground is shooting ball by foot and head in acrobatic way

Anand A Well-Known Photography Expert Tells It All

The speed with which a Sepak Takraw game moves is blinding. One second the ball in on the right side and within a microsecond, it is gone. When players move with such velocity, it takes a lot of expertise and know-how to capture photographs. And, yes, a bit of luck. While the latter is God-given and can’t be manipulated, some simple tricks and tips can enhance the knowledge of a photographer. More info about Sports Photography.

Player in foreground is shooting ball by foot and head in acrobatic way.

Tips For Photographing Sepak Takraw Games

• To freeze the motion of a player on the reel, you need to keep the shutter speed very high.
• High shutter speed means the light entering the camera lens low, which means increase your light exposure.
• Games are played in areas or courts which are too big for the flash to work. If the game is indoors, keep your ISO setting high. If the game is outside and it is a bright day, keep the ISO setting low.
• Don’t just aim for the usual picture of the players and the game. Try to find those moments which go unnoticed by the audience, players and others.

The Final Few Tips

These ideas, as given by Anand, a photography expert, are contingent on the fact that each camera is different. In photography, especially sports images, there is no one size fits all. For each game and each setting, the camera requirements will differ slightly. Just keep track of the aperture, shutter speed and ISO of your camera, and you will have some fun pictures in no time!


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