Journey Of Sepak Takraw- A Southeast Asian Sport

Sepak Takraw is known for its rich legacy, and it is being played for several centuries. The history of the game seems to be amazing. Today this historical game is included in Asian Games. The game which was once played in the royal courts and the streets of Malaysia is now included in the world-famous Asian Games Event. The game has experienced several transformations. Here you would know about its unique journey traveled by Sepak Takraw all these years.

History Of Sepak Takraw

Sepak Takraw is an ancient game which originated in the 15th century in Malaysia. There are certain historical pieces of evidence of this game being played in the royal court of Malay Annals. The 18th-century mural depicts the Hindu God Hanuman playing the game with a group of monkeys. The game has seen several changes every year. In the year 1965, the game was included as a medal game in the South East Asian Peninsular Games. In the same year, formal rules of the game were officially formed. The name Sepak Takraw was accepted worldwide. Sepak is a Malay word meaning Kick, and Takraw is a Thai word meaning Woven ball. Thus Malaysia and Thailand possess the claim for the origin of this game.

Modern Sepak Takraw

The game has faced several upgrades and transformation over the years. Plastic balls are now replacing the traditional handwoven rattan ball used in the Sepak Takraw game. The games became popular in Malaysia, and it is the national sport of the county. The game entered the Common Wealth Games in the year 1998. Witnessing the growth and immense popularity of the game all over the world, it is believed that the Sepak Takraw game would be included in the Olympic games very soon.

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