Sepak Takraw- An Overview!

Kick Volleyball or Sepak Takraw is a sport which started in SouthEast Asia. It is a very popular game in the Philippines. Footvolley, Football Tennis, and Bossaball are the other games coming in the same genre as that of Kick Volleyball. The sport is known by slightly different names in different places. For example, in Thailand, it is known as Sepak Rag whereas, in Myanmar, the name is Chin Lone.

Malaysia and Thailand are the two main places where this sport is practised widely. ‘Sepak’ in Malaysian language means ‘kick’ and ‘Takraw’ in Thai means a ‘woven ball’. Thus Sepak Takraw translates to ‘kick ball’ in simple English. Kick Volleyball is now a regular event in Asian Games and the South-east Asian Games. Let us look into the details of this sport.

International governance
There is an official body known as ISTAF (the International Sepak Takraw Foundation) who governs the international play of this sport. The following are the main kickball competitions held every year.

  • ISTAF World Cup
  • King’s Cup Championship
  • ISTAF Super Series

Important rules of the game
There are two main categories for the game. The first one is the regu category which is played with three players on each team. The second category is doubles regu which as the name indicates, has got two players on each team.

Kick volleyball sport is played in a court similar to the badminton court. But the size of the court should be almost double of that required for badminton. The net is similar to ordinary volleyball net. Ordinary fine cord net or nylon net with mesh size of 6cm to 8cm would be ideal. The ideal length and width is 6.10 m (or above) and 0.7 m respectively. The ball used for this sport must be a spherical one which is either woven or made of synthetic fibre. They are available with and without synthetic rubber covering on them. Such a covering is good as it minimises the impact of the ball on the players’ body.

‘Regus’ with three players in each team is the generally played category. One player of each team stands at the back and the remaining two in the front.

Our contribution
We, at the Sepak Takraw training academy has an exclusive set of programs for the kick ball lovers. The following are our main attractions.

  • Assistance Program for members.
  • Assistance Program for athletes.
  • Sepak Takraw Introductory Courses and Skills Clinics.
  • Certified Sepak Takraw Referee Courses.
  • Certified Sepak Takraw Coaching Workshops.
  • Sepak Takraw Tournament Hosting & Support.
  • Sepak Takraw Equipment & Instructional Materials (also available for online purchase).

The latest event hosted by us was the Regina Sepak Takraw outdoor program with 94.5 Jack FM, News Talk 980, Riverday Spa, SASKTEL, etc. as the sponsors. It was a grand success with huge participation. You can read more about Regina event on

Such events play a great role in increasing the popularity of the sport. We have plans to host more such events in future all over the world, so that maximum number of people get attracted to this wonderful sport.

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