Tips To Improve Your Serve In Sapak Takraw

Sapak Takraw is a ball game where the players kick the ball with their head, chest, knees, and feet. Sapak Takraw players must master various techniques and tactics of the game. Service is an essential aspect of the game, which would help players to earn points and win the game. The following are some of the crucial tips on improving the service on the court.

Importance Of Service

Service is nothing but kicking the ball to the other side of the net within the opponent’s boundary. There are various things to be considered when serving the ball. The server of the team plays a vital role in the success of the game. The position of the server, eye-feet coordination, and the rules of the service are essential when serving the ball in the court. Excellent service would help to earn a point to the serving team.

Tips To Improve Your Serve

Be Alert: The player must always be ready to serve the ball. Players must anticipate the ball from the feeder at any time. Thus always remain alert inside the court. Maintain proper position so that you can serve the ball right. The right position to take up the service is by standing feet apart and bending the knees. You have to push your weight forward and press the body down. Make sure your stable.

Be Relaxed: Do not be over tensed, and this would lead to counter-productive performance. Players must relax so that they encounter the serve in the right way. Just stay relaxed and work on your kicking techniques during the serve.

Practice Helps: Practice is always essential in any sports. Servers must practice along with the feeder. You have to practice on several types of serves but concentrate on one type at a time.

The above offers some useful tips to improve the service in Sapak Takraw game.

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