Interview With An Indian Sepak Takraw Player

Sepak Taraw, which originated in Malaysia, became popular in several other Southeast Asian countries.

The game is similar to volleyball, and it is called a kick volleyball. Premananthan Ramanathan, a Sepak Takraw player, shares his experience about playing this historic sport. In his interview, he talks about the strategies and tactics followed by other countries in the Sepak Taraw game. He also recommends a warm-up session before the start of the Sepak Takraw game.

His Sports Journey
Premanathan Ramanathan came to know about Sepak Takraw through his school teacher. He was shocked when he happened to watch the game for the first time. Players were jumping in the air and hitting the ball with their head and chest. This offered him some interest in the game, and he started to play it. He enjoyed the game and wished to become a professional Sepak Takraw player. He feels that the game is gaining popularity in India in recent years.

Warm-up Advice
You all know that all sports start with a warm-up session. Sepak Takraw involves various physical moves, and thus, the body needs to be flexible. Therefore the muscles should be offered with proper warm-up exercises before the start of the game. The following are some of the warm advice offered by Premanathan Ramanathan, a Sepak Takraw player

Stretching is the best way to start the warm-up session. Sitting cross-legged in a comfortable position would help to relax the muscles. Bending and touching the stretched legs with the chin reaching out the ankle. You have to hold in this bending position for half a minute and continue to stretch with the other leg. Take up a simple running obstacle course so that you gain the speed and agility required for the game.

The above are the experiences shared by the Indian Sepak Takraw player.

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