Knowing About Thailand’s Acrobatic Volleyball

Thailand’s Acrobatic Volleyball is nothing but the name offered to Sepak Takraw. This is a popular sport in Southeast Asia and originated in Malaysia before 500 years. It is played in badminton court with a grape-sized and hand-woven ball. The rules of the game are similar to that of volleyball. The only difference is that you cannot make use of your hands for kicking the ball. As players touch the ball with their feet, head, chest, and head, it is more of acrobatics that you can witness in the court. Thus the game is called as Thailand Acrobatic Volleyball.

The following are some of the things you must know about this acrobatic volleyball sport.

Origin Of Sepak Takraw

This game initially originated in Southeast Asian countries. The game was brought into Thailand in the early years by traders from China. There are paintings of Takraw that can be seen on the walls of the temples of Thailand. The sport became widely popular in the year 1800 when the Siam Sports Association formed the formal rules and regulations of the game. Schools in Thailand started to play this game, and it slowly spread to other countries. You can find some of the talented Sepak Takraw players in Thailand. Malaysia is the rival country in the Sepak Takraw sport. The sport is becoming popular in other countries like Vietnam, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

Playing Sepak Takraw

The Sepak Takraw game is usually performed in volleyball court with a net. The game requires two teams with three players in each team. The serving team should serve the ball over the net by kicking the ball using the knee, feet, chest, and head. The game generally is played for two sets. A team wins a set when it reaches 21 points. The team that wins two sets is the winner.

The above offers some valuable information on Thailand’s Acrobatic

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