An Overview Of Sepak Takraw Sport

Sepak Takraw an ancient sport which is popular in the South East Asian Countries. It is an exciting sport, and this is the main reason for its popularity. The sport which originated before several centuries is prevalent in most of the Asian countries. The rules and regulations of the game are similar to volleyball.

It is also called as kick volleyball as players make use of feet, head, chest, and knees for kicking the ball. Here you would find some detailed overview of the Sepak Takraw Sport

Facts On Sepak Takraw

Sepak means kick and Takraw means hand-woven ball. The ball is handmade, and it is spherical in nature. It is usually played in a volleyball court. As the players deal the ball with their feet, head, feet it looks like an acrobatic performance. The main objective of the game is to maintain the ball aloft. The game requires proper eye and foot coordination. The game can be played in both indoors and outdoors. The game is played in the badminton court. There are various types and variations of the game.

Procedure To Play Sepak Takraw

The sport involves two teams with three members. Each member would pay different roles in the game. The serving team should kick the ball to the other side of the net within the boundary of the opponent team. A team can earn a point when they influence the other team to make a mistake. Usually, two sets are played in a game. A team would win a set when it reaches 21 points. Winning the first two sets would win the game.
The above offers a detailed overview of Sepak Takraw sport.

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