Rules And Procedure To Play Sepak Takraw

Sepak Takraw is a team game played with two teams each containing three players. It is basically a ball game, and it is played in badminton court. The balls used in this game are mostly handmade, and they are also made up of bamboo and synthetic materials. Sepak Takraw players should be aware of the basic rules and the procedure to proceed with the game.

Here you would know about the basic rules and procedure to be followed to play the Sepak Takraw game.

Basic Rules of Sepak Takraw

The rules of the game are similar to that of volleyball. In this game, each team is offered with three touches of the ball to get it back over the net on the other side without touching the ground. The team that scores 15 or 21 would win a set. The team that wins in minimum two sets would win the match.

Playing Sepak Takraw


Two Sepak-takraw players in action during a tournament

The Sepak Takraw game starts with a server tossing the ball, placing one foot in a serving circle. The player must also kick the ball to the other side of the net with other foot. Players who play this game should possess good foot-eye coordination.

The Sepak Takraw game varies based on the place it is played. Some of the basics of the game are sole kick, knee kick, shoulder kick, shin kick, and head kick. The cross-legged jump kick and cross-legged knee kick are the advanced versions of maneuvers of the game. There are various variations of the Sepak Takraw game.

Net Takraw: This is usually played in a badminton court

In-Tossing Takraw: This is a training game offered for Takraw game players. This variation provides training to manage the ball afloat for ten minutes.

Hoop Takraw: The ball is targeted into a basket-shaped net with hoop openings.

The above offers a clear insight into the Sepak Takraw game.

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