Beginners Guide On Playing Sepak Takraw

Sepak Takraw is an ancient game which originated in Malaysia. It is a popular Asian game, and it is also included in the Asian Games. This game is similar to that of volleyball, but the players make use of their feet, knee, chest, and head to manage the ball. The rules and regulations are also similar to that of volleyball. Players must kick the ball to the other side of the net and would receive a point for it. The following would serve as a perfect guide to beginners who have just started with playing Sepak Takraw.

Playing Requirements

Sepak Takraw is usually played in a volleyball court which is flat and uniform. The court must contain several lines including centerline, quarter circle, and service circle. The main requirement of this game is the ball, which is mostly handmade. It is spherical and comes in various colors. The game requires the use of net that separates the court between the two teams. Players must wear the right shoes and protective gears so that it would protect from injuries.

Two players playing Sepak-takraw in the stadium

How To Play Sepak Taraw?

The rules of this game vary based on the location or event for which it is played. The rules are more or less similar to that of volleyball. The teams are referred to as regu where three players are included in a team. The following are the roles played by the players of a team.

  • Server
  • Striker
  • Feeder

The team that wins the toss would start with the serve where the player must keep one of his legs in the serving circle. This is valid only when the ball reaches the other side of the net within the boundary of the opponent team. The defending tries to do the same across the net. Three touches of the ball are allowed. The team that wins a set gets the opportunity for choosing the service.

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