Things To Know About Sepak Takraw

Sepak Takraw is also called a kick volleyball is an ancient game which is widely popular. It is also included in the Asian Games. It is an entertaining game, and thus, people love to watch it. The game is similar to that of volleyball except that players make use of chest, feet knee and head to manage the ball. There are several things that one must know about Sepak Takraw.

History Of Sepak Takraw

Sepak Takraw originated in Malaysia before 500 years, and thus it is an ancient game. The game was widely popular in the royal court during the 15th century. Slowly the game started to spread over to other South Asian countries like Indonesia, India, etc. Formal rules and regulations of the game came into existence from the year 1940. The official Sepak Takraw Competition was held in the year 194 at Penang. The game became popular in most of the schools. The game received its formal name as Sepak Takraw in the year 1965. Sepak means kick, and it is a Malaysian word and Takraw means woven ball, and it is a Thai word.

Image showing two opposite team players action in a stadium

Rules Of Sepak Takraw

Two teams are involved in the game where each team contains three players. Each player has to take up the position based on their role. The basic rule of this game is player must not touch the ball with their hands. Touching the ball with head, chest, feet, and knee is allowed. Only a maximum of three touches is allowed for a team to send the ball to the other side of the net. If they exceed the number of touches, they lose a point.

The team would lose a point if the ball touches the net, fall outside the play area when the players leave their respective positions in the court, etc. This game is played for a maximum of three sets. The team that wins the first two sets is considered as the winner.

The above offers some useful insight on Sepak Takraw game.

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