All Your Want To Know About Sepak Takraw Training

Sepak takraw training session includes warm-up exercises as the sport needs endurance, flexibility and agility and warm up exercises are crucial for the activities. To start with simple stretch exercise will be great, moreover it is important to find comfortable position to sit criss-cross on the ground. Stretch your legs straight with your knees pressed to the ground and touch one toe, during this time keep your body in contact with the knee ensuring your chin reaching to your ankle as much as possible. In this position try to relax for a fraction of minute. Repeat the same with the other leg.

The training is required for a long time to ensure perfection. Some of the kicks in Sepak Takraw are listed below:

Basic Kick
It is the most common and is also called inside kick particularly used to get control of the ball. The kick is given from the inside of the foot and it is called implies. Now stand with your feet spread and bend for support, then kick the ball using the inside of the other foot.

Outside Kick
This is a defensive kick that allows the ball to propel upwards. Inorder to carry out the kick, your foot should be touching the ball as you bend you knee inwards. The kicking leg has to be in the right angle with the foot and calf pointing in the outward direction.

Knee kick
For this kick, the thigh is used. The ball is hit using the thigh above the knee. The serve is of marching and for this kick to be accomplished you may have to raise your knee to the maximum height. The kick is particularly used by players who receive the serve.

In Sepak Takraw, the forehead is used to fly the ball unlike in football header. This is used when the ball is too high for you to reach and kick. The technique can be used by strikers and servers.

Horse kick
This is a difficult kick and needs immense skill level and flexibility. The kick can be referred to as high kick as you will be using your foot to kick the ball higher. Kick the ball over the shoulder or even your head in the backward direction.

Sunback spike
It is same as horse kick but comes with a jump. Inorder to master this skill you may have to use one leg while the other leg is off, similar to scissor kick. While finishing jump and kick the ball over your head or shoulder using one leg.

Roll spike
This is a simple kick where one leg is used for jumping and flipping the ball in the direction you want it to move. During the kick the ball is airborne. Now using the second foot you have to kick the ball above the other shoulder. The whole trick has to be performed while in air. You have to land only after you contact the ball.

Friendly matches can help you understand the trick of the game. Learn the kicks well to enjoy the game to the fullest.

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