All Your Want To Know About Sepak Takraw Training

Sepak takraw training session includes warm-up exercises as the sport needs endurance, flexibility and agility and warm up exercises are crucial for the activities. To start with simple stretch exercise

Useful Tips To Learn The Art Of Snowboarding

Snowboarding is not as difficult as it may seem to be. There are some simple tricks that can make the task a child’s play. All you need is to understanding

Sepak Takraw- An Overview!

Kick Volleyball or Sepak Takraw is a sport which started in SouthEast Asia. It is a very popular game in the Philippines. Footvolley, Football Tennis, and Bossaball are the other

About Sepak Takraw

‘Sepak Raga’ was the name of an ancient game played in the Malay states and in the neighbouring countries of Singapore and Brunei. ‘Sepak’ is Malay for “kick” and ‘Raga’