Referee Clinics

In efforts to increase the number of technically sound Sepak Takraw Referees, STAS conducts Certified Training Courses and tries to coordinate them with Skills Clinics and Mini Tournaments so that course participants can get immediate experience (under supervision), putting theory into practice. These courses are now FREE with Full-day Skills Clinics and participants receive a FREE Official Rule Book, but must be a paid STAS Individual Me


1) Introduction & overview / video clip

2) Each participant receives a copy of “SEPAK TAKRAW – OFFICIAL RULE BOOK, 2nd Edition”, and follows through each of the rules in the 1st Section of the Rule Book as the instructor goes through them one by one. The focus in Section 1 is on all the specific rules that have to do with the technical aspect of the game.

3) Role Play: Participants tame turns being a Head Referee and giving instructions, making announcements, etc., following along in Section 2 of the Rule Book, Standard Game Protocol, that deals specifically with all of the procedures involved with starting a match, entering the court, number of helpers and officials, announcing, deciding who serves first, changing sides, how to call the game, specific terminology to use, leaving the court, etc.

4) Watch a Video/DVD that demonstrates the beginning of a match protocol. Final questions and wrap up. All participants then complete a test.

5) Mini Sepak Takraw tournament, at which all the Referee Course participants will take their turns being the Head Referee, Assistant Referee, and Umpire. Depending on numbers, it could be matches among themselves or among others.

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