Playing any sports regularly keeps us active and fit. Sepak Takraw is a game which is more popular in the South East Asian countries. The game is popular in Malaysia and Thailand. Sepak Takraw is a Malaysian word meaning ‘kick woven ball’. Our Sepak Takraw Sask association is a sports association dealing with Sepak Takraw sport. Sepak Takraw an amazing sport known as kick volleyball. The game is called different names in various countries. The game is played on a court similar to that of the badminton court. But you may require a bigger court than the badminton court. The Sepak Takraw players make use of a spherical ball for playing the game.

We have established this association to promote the glory of Sepak Takraw game. Kick volley ball has entered the Asian Games and South East Asian Games. Our association consists of various members. Our members act as volunteers in promoting the Sepak Takraw sport. Some of our members are professional Sepak Takraw players. These members offer valuable suggestions on promoting the game.

Our well trained Sepak Takraw teams take part in the various tournaments like ISAF world cup, king’s cup championship and ISTAF super series. Sepak Takraw players from all over the world participate in these tournaments.

We offer professional training for kick volleyball players so that they can excel in the sport. We teach aspiring young sports people with the basics of the Sepak Takraw sport. Our association has employed expert kick volleyball trainers for training talented sports people around the world. The kick volley ball coaching offered by our association is of international standards. We offer Sepak Takraw training based on the age of the players.

We offer several assistance programs for our members, athletes, Sepak Takraw players, etc. We also conduct coaching workshops to become a certified Sepak Takraw trainer. We organize summer training camps for kick volley ball players. We conduct various Sepak Takraw leagues and tournaments for our players so that they can get an opportunity to improve their kick volleyball skills. They motivate adults to play kick volleyball so that they remain active and healthy.

Our Sepak Takraw Sask association conducts various training programs and coaching camps for students by visiting various schools and colleges.  They teach the students about the rules and regulations of Sepak Takraw sport. All our trainers are experts in playing Sepak Takraw game. We also offer assistance programs for the referees of the Sepak Takraw game.

We make people aware of the Sepak Takraw sport. We educate people about the rules and regulations of  Sepak Takraw. We also work with a passion and identify the right talent and offer training on how to play Sepak Takraw. We motivate the Sepak Takraw players by organizing various tournaments and matches for children, students, and adults.

We conduct various outdoor events to make the Sepak Takraw sport popular.  We have established the association to attract people from all over the world towards the Sepak Takraw sport. We are striving hard to create professionally trained Sepak Takraw teams. You can visit our official website to know about the training schedules and the upcoming matches.